Wyrd Fly Fishing


Wyrd P&T

  Skåne län / Hässleholm municipality.

Wyrd P&T is located between Emmaljunga and Vittsjö in a fantastic nature. 1.4km slow flowing water with a beautiful lake, perfect for dry fly and nymph.

Nature is well reminded and trees and shrubs are close by as the water winds its way through the forest environment.
The water is suitable for class 3-5. Fish size 0.9-2.5 kg. Maximum 10 fishing guests per day.

With a little luck you can see moose and deer. You don't see the wild boars, you just guess them. The Havraljunga brook that meandered in nature was straightened out in the 80s and got a new straight stretch. When our facility was built in 2012, the original route was excavated and water was taken from the stream.

It is possible to stay overnight in one of our log cabins with room for 4 people.
There is a barbecue area centrally located where you can also sit under a roof. If you want to come indoors, there is a work booth with table and chairs.

Fly fishing and C&R are only allowed. Pacifier indicator is not allowed
If you want help with the throwing technique or something else, we have an instructor on site. Educated by the legend Gunnar Rask Nielsen.
Flies, paws, etc. are available for purchase in the store.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

Fish species

Rainbow trout


Wyrd Fly Fishing

Organization number: 556802-5513

We run a facility for Light Flyfishing in Emmaljunga, sell trips to our own waters in Iceland where we have a lodge with its own fishing guide.

We sell self-produced fly rods designed by fly fishing legend Gunnar Rask Nielsen.

Customer number: 3053, Area: 3057.

Contact persons

Brian Frilund
0730 - 929 001


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