Tämnarens FVOF



  Uppsala län and Västmanlands län / Heby, Tierp and Uppsala municipality.

Tämnarens FVOF is a fishing lake belonging to the municipality of Heby and Tierp, located in Uppsala County. The lake Tämnaren is a relatively shallow lake with an average depth of about 100-130 cm. The lake, however, is fish-rich and offers fishing mainly of goose, pike and perch.

Winter fishing is the time that attracts most fishermen, but time without ice works well but best if you have access to a boat.

During the summer months, it may sometimes be very low in water due to the low precipitation. This means that fishing with predominantly throwing pole will be complicated. It is recommended to check the water level conditions before the fishing license is resolved.

Annually, some fish competitions are held.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Tämnarens FVOF

Organization number: 802512-1586

The Tämnar Fishery Area Association consists of landowners around the Tämnaren who participate in fishing in the lake. The purpose is to offer the opportunity to fish for the public in controlled forms. The association sells fishing licenses and sets up fishing regulations that aim to maintain the lake's fish stocks at a good level.

Customer number: 342, Area: 303.

Contact persons

Jocke Andersson
0703 - 165 756


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