Storsjön (Jämtland)


Storsjön i Jämtland

  Jämtlands län / Östersund, Krokom and Åre municipality.

Lake Storsjön is a lake in central Jämtland. It is part of the Indalsälven water system and is on the surface of Sweden's fifth largest lake.

The lime-rich soil also gives the lake a natural defense against acidification. The lake branches into several elongated and wide bays such as Myrviken, Bergsviken, Brunfloviken and so on. Storsjön also has many different strains such as the Östersundet, Vallsundet, Sannsundet and Rödösundet.

The Storsjö countryside and Storsjön are sometimes described as an oasis in the wilderness, surrounded by high mountains in the west and large forest areas to the east. The mythical Storsjö animal is believed to be in the lake. Storsjön is a species- and fish-rich lake. There are almost 20 different species of fish in the lake where the most common are trout (called Storsjööring, Jämtland's landscape fish), char, pike, perch, grayling, whitefish (five different species), roach and lake. Also elitza, eel and swim are found in Storsjön. Some fish species nowadays also occur in the lake as a result of human activity. The marsupial shrimp established itself in the lake in the early 1970s after planting higher up in the Indalsälven as fish nutrients in regulated mountain lakes. After that, the fish fauna in Storsjön has gradually been expanded with Canadian red (from 1962) and nors. There are speculations about planted males, based on an old saying, but no support for these speculations does not exist.
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 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Endast i sällskap med målsman/vuxen

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Storsjön (Jämtland)

Organization number: 802536-2164

Storsjön in Jämtland consists of four different fisheries conservation areas, Storsjön-Berg, Storsjön-Krokom, Storsjön-Åre and Storsjön-Östersund.

Customer number: 107, Area: 71.

Contact persons

Bengt Henriksson
070 - 214 42 15


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