Färgensjöarnas FVO (Halland)


Stora Färgen, Mellan Färgen, Södra Färgen, Yabergssjön, Hallasjön, Holmsjön

  Hallands län / Hylte municipality.

In our fishing area there is water of all kinds. Everything from shallow coves with reeds and water lilies to areas with flowing water.
There are also steep cliffs and deep holes, together these areas offer an exciting and varied fishing. Those who plan to bring a boat will meet up with nice ramps, which make insertion and pick-up easy and smooth. Depth maps are sales sales, a nice complement for anyone who wants to find the hottest places!

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

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Färgensjöarnas FVO (Halland)

Organization number: 802600-9715

We are a medium-sized fish care association that manages 6 lakes in Hylte municipality. The sailors we manage are the Great color, Between the color, South color, Holmsjön, Yabergssjön and Hallasjön. We provide a wide range of fishing, ranging from fishing in smaller lakes after pike and perch to large lakes with a powerful stock of Gös.

Customer number: 1003, Area: 958.

Contact persons

Ulf Kristensson

Gustav Martinsson 



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