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Övre och Nedre Boksjön m fl vatten

  Västerbottens län / Storuman municipality.

Boksjön FVO is located east of Tärnaby and north of the Ryfjäll massif, here Boksjödalen spreads out and there you will find our FVO. Here you can catch the big trout and trout with Ryfjället in the eye-catch.

The area includes most of Upper Boksjön, Boksjö Bleriken, southern part of Lower Boksjön, Fetträsket, Sawtooth and eastern part of Kråkbergsbleriken. Upper and Lower Boksjön, is also called Kirjesjaure, and this is the source flow to Kirjesån, which flows through Kirjesålandet, to finally unite with the Ume River in Slussfors. Two large lakes, some smaller ponds and streams are in the area.

The trout have become more and more thanks to fisheries management measures. The area offers opportunities for spinning and fly fishing.

summer fishing
Saw iron is a popular trout water and is reached via the hiking trail towards Öststjuktan. Gemsbäcken's outlet in Upper Boksjön and Boksjöblerikan are other summer tips. However, the larger lakes are usually difficult to fish without a boat.

Winter fishing
Fishing water in the area is most easily reached by snowmobile, which is not least the case with Fettträsket, a purely trout water. The Boksjöbleriken, the eastern part of the Kråkbergsbleriken, the Upper Boksjön and the entire southern part of the Lower Boksjön are also winter waters.

The following waters are available in the fishery conservation area:
Upper Boksjön, Boksjö Bleriken
, southern part of Lower Boksjön (Kirjesjaure), Fetträsket, Blindtjärn, Sawtooth, eastern part of Kråkbergsbleriken.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.
 Free fishing applies with the keeper's valid fishing license.

Fish species



Boksjöns FVO

Organization number: 895400-4548

Boksjö FVOF was formed in 1991, the members consist of fishermen's owners in Boksjö Byalag, as well as Station, a single property located on the lower Boksjön.

The association has its headquarters in Boksjön, and our main goal is to improve and monitor the fish's natural environment and conditions with care, in order to obtain a high quality fishing population in the long term.

Customer number: 3011, Area: 3012.

Contact persons

Stellan Gunnebrink

070 - 317 36 21


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Affiliated fishing areas in Västerbottens län
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