Norbergs Norra FVOF


Norbergs norra fiskevårdsområde

  Västmanlands län and Dalarnas län / Norberg and Smedjebacken municipality.

Welcome to Norberg's Norra fiskevårdsområde, this fishing license includes about 40 lakes, ponds and rivers!

Rainbows are planted annually in Stora Fjällingtjärn and Gladtjärn, as well as trout in Stensjöån and Flikån .

The fish stock consists mainly of pike, perch and whitefish in the other lakes, in Ungen there is also pikeperch.

The area includes:
Fjällingtjärn, Gladtjärn, Stensjöån, flikån, Ungen, Gäsen, Dammsjön, Orgen, Stensjön, Bötoxen, Svarttjärn, Mortjärn, Gårdstjärn, Boten, Paddtjärn, Gladtjärn, Övre Håsjön, Nedre Håsjön, Käringtjärn, Hyttjärn, Bred, , Stora och Lilla Alten, Stora och Lilla Fluktjärn, Styggtjärn, Dammsjöarna, Håvtjärn, Spjuten, Stora Fraggtjärn, Lilla Fraggtjärn, Fraggen, Stora Ristjärn, Lilla Ristjärn, Långtomen, Abborrtjärn and Högtjärn.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)

Norbergs Norra FVOF

Organization number: 802501-7271

Norbergs Norra FVOF manages the fishing in about 40 lakes, ponds and rivers.

UPDATE 2021-08-12

It has been decided that the Norberg northern fisheries conservation area will be dissolved and we are currently waiting for a decision from the county administrative board. until then, only weekly tickets will be sold.

Some lakes are not accessible by car as the barriers are locked!

More information will come when this is done.

Customer number: 1048, Area: 1012.

Contact persons

Björn Örtenblad
070 6976608


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Aspensjöarna mfl.
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