Nävrasjöns FVOF



  Blekinge län / Karlskrona municipality.

Nävrasjön is a fairly shallow lake, with a maximum depth of about 8 meters and about 64ha.

The Silletorp river flows through the lake. This causes natural oxygenation. The municipality calculates the inflows regularly. There are forests and pastures around the lake, which are best reached from the southern part.

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Nävrasjöns FVOF

Organization number: 802600-9327

The association was formed in 1986 after having been a fisheries conservation area association since the 1950s.

Conducts fishing to maintain a natural stock of lake fish. No implants have been made. There is an oversized stock of pike. Other perch and whitefish.

The association has two boats for rent, for more information contact the contact persons below.

Customer number: 3043, Area: 3048.

Contact persons

Kurt Edvinsson

0708 - 920 275

Rune Karlsson

0708 - 923 570


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