Kva-Gi-Li FVO


Kvammarn, Gissträsk, Lillholmträsk

  Västerbottens län / Norsjö municipality.

The area consists of 3 larger lakes and a couple of smaller ponds.

The lakes have natural stocks with i.a. pike, perch, vendace and lake.

Fish species









Kva-Gi-Li FVO

Organization number: 802600-0292

Kva-Gi-Li FVO is an abbreviation of Kvammarn-Gissträsk-Lillholmträsk fisheries conservation area association . The association works for sustainable fishing for our and future generations.

The Fisheries Conservation Association was created in 2016 and will work for the fine trout that can now only be found with single specimens in Lake Kvammarn. The association will restore watercourses to create play and growth areas and remove obstacles to migration for trout. The grayling will also benefit from this work.

Customer number: 936, Area: 896.

Contact persons

Per Ström
072-557 19 58

Christer Boman
070-656 51 87


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