Hönshyltefjordens nya FVOF


Hönshyltefjorden m fl vatten

  Kronobergs län / Tingsryd municipality.

Hönshyltefjord's FVOF consists of Hönshyltefjorden, Granödammen and a small part of Mörrumsån, as well as Kuppersjön, Kuppergylet and Hönshyltegöl.

The lakes are fish-rich with many species such as pike, perch, pike-perch, roach, birch, whip, bonfire, bream, scarlet, lake, eel and sand crawlers.

The average depth in the lake is 2.5m and as deep as 16m. The surface is about 500ha.

There are 2 launching ramps, one in Hönshyltefjorden and one in Granödammen.

Depth maps are available at Bengtsson's hardware store and ICA in Ryd. The fishing license also applies to some 60 smaller lakes in Almundsryd's eastern FVOF which are located south of Ryd. In these lakes are the most common fish species such as pike, perch and bream.

The following lakes within Almundsryd's eastern FVOF also apply to this fishing license:
Hössjön, Kalvsjön, Svarte Gyl, Srora Askegylet, Little Askegylet, Fryksjön, Svalegyl, Hjortagylet, Gårdgylet, Bökegyl, Blue gylet, Hättegyl, Trollgölen, Väjlagölen, pond, Drevån, Stone Lake, South Lake, Drive Lake, Väjlen, Grass Lake, Crazy Gyl, Upper long Lake, Lower long Lake, Flysjön, Southern Farm Sea, North Gårdsjön, Gäddegylet, Kroksjön, Tench Sea, Olofsbolssjön, Smith Lake, Akaklagyl, Tattargylet, Kopparhäjegyl, Abborragyl, Ällsjön, Karshultasjön, Gropgylet, Åmadgylet, Iron Paint Lake, Görgeshultsjön, Stomsjön, Enskäppagyl, Tvåskäppagylet, Grönegyl , Björngylet, Birkesjön, Northern Swan Lake, Hjortagylet, Kringlegyl, Samlagylet, Skillnegylet, Lommagyl, Skärsjön, Togylet, Torstensmålasjön and Bjällersjön.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Hönshyltefjordens nya FVOF

Organization number: 802600-4864

Hönshyltefjorden's new fishery conservation area association manages fishing in the Hönshyltefjord.

The purpose of the association is to coordinate fishing activities and fisheries, to promote the common interests of fishermen, taking into account the regulations that apply to the practice of fishing and to provide fishing to the public.

The vegetation in Åsnen is generally moderate, is found in the shallow fjords of the lake and is dominated by leaf reed, sap and water lilies.

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Customer number: 643, Area: 603.

Contact persons

Ronni Nilsson

0477 - 250 76


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